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The John Paul II Bible School was founded in 1984 by a grass-roots group of interested Catholics. They felt there was need for a place where young adults could learn about their Catholic faith and grow toward a deeper love and trust in God. When the site of our school became available (it was a former Catholic hospital run by nuns), it was named the John Paul II Bible School after our late pope, who was an amazing supporter of the role of young adults in the Church.

One interesting fact is that John Paul II actually visited the site of the school before he was Pope and before our school was founded. He was on his way to visit a friend (a priest from his seminary) in Vilna, Alberta and stopped to visit the sisters who used to live here. He also spent time in the area fishing!

Pope John Paul II also visited nearby Edmonton (Alberta's capital city and less than an hour away from Radway) on September 16, 1984, two days before the Bible School opened.




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