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We're proud of our alumni. Our graduates are working all over the world, sharing God's love in their parishes and in their communities.

Rather than reinventing the wheel, we're proud of our alumni for creating a way to stay in touch.  You can find the

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The following is an excerpt from an address to the Graduates of 2008 by Kilian O'Donovan, Director.  However, the message is timeless, so we include it for you here.


On such a special occasion as this it is important to ask once again "Why are we here? What is this school all about? Why did the Holy Spirit inspire John Paul II Bible School? What is it's purpose?"  To find an answer we must turn to our roots and listen once again to a Prophetic message given by the Holy Spirit.

Dearly beloved, listen to me.  It is not by chance or accident that each one of you is here at this time, in this place.  I have chosen and called each of you to follow me.  I have been molding and shaping you, for you have heard my voice and come to me.  No, it is not by chance or accident that you are here.  This year is important for me and for you.  I mean to form and mold you, to heal you of all your fears, to give you courage and a boldness that you have never had.  You will become a new creation, the living temple of my presence, for I want to shine through you and bring many in darkness to me through you.  I promise you miracles, signs and wonders if you remain faithful in your love for me and faithful in your love for one another.  You are to love me and love one another.  Put your faith into active love.  Cherish me alone and love one another.  Fear not my beloved, my Father and I and the Holy Spirit are with you, we are in you, for you are our beloved.  Have courage, it will not be easy.  There will be some hard times for you. But know that I will never abandon you.  You will be changed and trasformed more and more into my image.  Remember beloved, love me and love one another.  You are to be my hands, my feet, my eyes, yes my body in the world.

And so to our graduates, all the people who have experienced a year at Bible School - be Christ's Body in this world.  AMEN!

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